Wednesday, June 19, 2013


      Hi Woozens!  Arjange here and I have SO much exciting news going on in WoozWorld for you!  This past Monday, I attended the What The Wooz?!  show and Jenny introduced a SPECIAL guest to all of us! Drum roll, please.........mod747!!!!  All of us Woozens in the audience (me too XD) were all confused of why the moderator was there unless she needed to have a talk with us about behaving XD, but actually, she was there to explain a new fad about to start in WoozWorld called...WoozGuidez!  I have the answers to all your questions right below!

What is a WoozGuide?
A WoozGuide is a Woozen who helps another Woozen if they're getting bullied, harassed, if they just need help or advice, etc.

How do you become a WoozGuide?
You can be a WoozGuide by going to the WoozGuidez Center and clicking either the green or orange podz and applying by typing a brief message of how you are capable of being handed this huge responsibility.

Does a WoozGuide get any prizes or special features while they are a WoozGuide?
Oh yes!  They get more than enough prizes!  The girl WoozGuidez will get 2 shirts (a normal everyday shirt, and a fancier one) and the boys will get 2 shirts also. When you're a WoozGuide you get the WoozGuide title and a dark blue chat bubble!  You have this so any Woozen can identify you and ask for help! 

How long can you be a WoozGuide?
Three months, but you can re-apply and get in again!

How does being a WoozGuide and reporting differ from being a Woozen and reporting?
It is different because if you're a WoozGuide, a mod will recieve your accusation and take immediate action with the problem.

Can WoozGuidez ban people?
No, but if their report was a horrible thing that somebody did, the mod would ban that Woozen.  So before you report, make sure you're not taking the situation too seriously that it doesn't have to be reported.

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